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Meet the Authors

M&A and Transaction Experts

Martin J. Hansen

Martin J. Hansen

CEO, DealMaker360

For the last twenty-five years, Martin has provided advisory services to hundreds of businesses from the "mom & pop" business with annual revenue of less than $500,000 to large closely-held corporations with annual revenues in excess of $100 million. He's successfully completed hundreds of transaction (500+) for an aggregate enterprise value of >$2B

Geoff Chaney

Geoff Chaney

Partner, RELENTLESS Management Group

Geoff has participated in multiple transactions in both the private and public sector. As a founding partner at his firm, he oversees the business development of five portfolio companies. He has also provided advisory and consulting services to hundreds of startup companies and created over 500 hours of training resource content

Success Story

"I can't recommend this enough"

"I have been working with the DealMaker360 founder for almost twenty years, and I refer all of my small business clients that are wanting to complete a transaction. He has used the same process on every deal, and I cannot remember any of the deals not getting completed. I looked over the Dealmaker360 software product and, without question, I will be first in line to recommend the product to all of my clients!"

James Bock, CPA

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